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"Watching my little one suffer from heat rash totally broke my heart. This doctor-recommended over-the-counter rash cream was a lifesaver."
What Is Heat Rash?

One of my favorite things about my little boy is his delicate rosy skin. I always look forward to our afternoon cuddles when I can take a moment to stroke the soft skin on his arm and enjoy this fun age.

However, that same delicate skin I love so much also makes him more susceptible to heat rash. And unfortunately, he’s gotten it more than once

Heat rash, also known as milaria, is a skin flare that usually happens during overheating. When it rears its ugly head, it causes red or white bumps or blisters on the skin that can be sore, uncomfortable, and really itchy. Though it usually clears up on its own with time, it can sometimes lead to further infection – and in the meantime, it always makes my poor little one feel so irritated and uncomfortable.

Why Do Babies & Toddlers Get Heat Rash?

Heat rashes happen when the skin gets too warm, sweat ducts are blocked, and sweat is trapped under the skin. Babies and toddlers have smaller sweat glands and tend to have a warmer body temperature than adults do, making them more susceptible to heat rash.

A number of factors can contribute to heat rash in babies and toddlers, including:
  • Tight-fitting clothes
  • Tight swaddles
  • Thick blankets
  • Skin rubbing together
  • High temperatures while sleeping

How to Relieve Heat Rash

The good news? No matter the cause, heat rash usually clears up on its own.
The bad news? Watching your little one suffer through the discomfort will totally break your heart.

The best way to avoid heat rash is to prevent overheating in the first place. But if it’s too late and your little one already woke up with a nasty heat rash, what can you do?

Cooling the skin or applying cold water can help relieve discomfort and bring down the skin temperature – but it won’t get to the root of the problem. So what’s the best way to relieve the painful symptoms of heat rash?
That was the urgent question consuming my mind as I was scrolling through Facebook during a rare moment of peace. It felt like fate when I saw a friend’s post about Harmony N Glow. Her pediatrician had recommended it for her daughter’s heat rash and she was thrilled about the results.

She said her doctor told her it was totally safe, natural, and gentle – but most importantly, it actually worked! She saw tangible results after the first application, with the entire rash clearing up completely in under a week.

Hoping I’d have a similar experience with my little one, I ordered a tube of Harmony N Glow (and got another tube free!) for $39.99 and it was delivered just 3 days later.

Try Harmony N Glow For Yourself

If your little one’s experiencing heat rash, eczema, itchiness, or dry skin, Harmony N Glow can help relieve symptoms and clear up skin. (And for a limited time, order one tube and get a second free!)

How Harmony N Glow Made All the Difference

I’ll be honest – after ordering Harmony N Glow, I was hopeful, but still a bit skeptical. After all, I’d tried a number of chemical-ridden “miracle” creams in hopes of clearing his skin up, but they all only seemed to make the problem worse.

Thankfully, Harmony N Glow managed to do what nothing else could.
After receiving Harmony N Glow in the mail, I applied a small portion to my son’s hand, then waited until the next morning to see if he’d have a negative reaction. Not only was his hand irritation-free, it even felt softer than normal. I moved ahead with the doctor-recommended treatment with renewed confidence.

I washed the affected area with warm water, then applied the ointment three times throughout the day. After the very first application, I already saw a noticeable improvement. For the first time in days, my little boy seemed happier and more comfortable. Then, after five days, his rash appeared to go away completely. Needless to say, I was thrilled!

What’s the Harmony N Glow Secret?

When my little one’s heat rash started clearing up in a matter of hours, I was so relieved. So you can imagine my surprise when I realized it wasn’t due to any fancy miracle drug or cutting-edge chemical formula. In fact, what makes Harmony N Glow so effective is precisely the opposite. Harmony N Glow’s formula is made up 100% safe and natural plant extracts, including:

Aloe Vera- The liquid that comes from this common plant contains both anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties

Purple Grass- This acts as a mild sedative and natural painkiller, relieving discomfort almost instantly

Honeysuckle- This flower is so much more than a pretty face – it also works to powerfully relieve skin rashes and blemishes

Mint Essence- This alleviates itchiness and gives the cream a pleasant smell

Bitter Ginseng- This reduces inflammation while promoting the growth of wound-healing cells

Wild Chrysanthemum- This cheery bloom treats minor rashes while acting as a soothing coolant – perfect for treating heat rash

Fructis Cnidii- This Chinese plant helps relieve itchiness, rashes, and eczema

I’m so happy I found Harmony N Glow when I did. I’ll definitely keep it close by so I’m prepared if my sweet son or anyone else in my family experiences heat rash, eczema, dry skin, or skin irritation in the future.