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"This Over The Counter Eczema Cream Healed My Baby's Rash in 5 Days for only $20. And It's Doctor Recommended"
What Is Eczema?

From my basic point of view, this is the condition that almost destroyed my life when i was young. One minute I was Cinderella and the other I was the girl no boy wanted to take to prom. This condition turned my life upside down. Scientifically, it is a condition in which the skin becomes itchy and red at the same time inflamed.

If your condition was severe as mine, then you might notice bleeding. For the last 20 years, I have been tortured psychologically and emotionally by this condition. Trust me when I tell you that psychological torture is worse than physical torture. Physical torture will eventually stop, but not psychological torture goes on and on. It haunts you till the day you die. When my two-year-old girl showed signs of Eczema, I was devastated. I locked myself in a room and cried my heart out. All I could think about was my daughter.

Will he be teased in school because of the condition of her skin?
Will he make friends?
Will her self-esteem be crushed as others crushed my self-esteem?

I tried dangerous chemicals to try and cure my skin but all they did was to make it worse

Harmony N Glow

“I do not want my daughter to go through what I have gone through. If there was a new medicine that comes i want to be the first to know. I will sell my house to pay for the medication.” The doctor could sense the urgency in my voice.

“I have heard about a new potential cure from my two closests friends who are childrens doctors. So far, they testify that it has helped a lot of young children with Eczema.”

“What is it called?” I shot up.

“It is an oitment known as Harmony-N-Glow. It's pretty new to the market, and is made of natural ingredients.”

“So it is safe? How soon should I expect to see tangible results? I don't want my daughter to indure the irriatation any longer than he has to.”
“Its safety is assured from the fact that only natural ingredients are used to make this product. Expect to see tangible results once you apply the first dose to your daughter. and it should clear in no more than a week.”

“Am not trying to doubt you but are you really sure it will work? I mean I have tried everything and…”

“As long as your child has dry skin, a skin infection suffers from allergens such as pollen and dust, is exposed to irritants and heat, then he is the right candidate for this product.”

My Leap Of Faith

After the consultation, I went to their site and bought the two months supply for around $40 dollars since one was free and received it within 3 days. I was at first hesitant but when I looked at how innocent my girl was scratching and crying because of her red irratated skin i had to give it a shot.

Harmony N Glow with My Daughter

Day 1
The first step was to wash the affected area with warm water. I decide to just give him her daily bath instead.
Just to be sure that it will not affect him I applied a small portion of it on the hand and cuddled him to sleep.
In the morning I looked at her hand and it was fine. Immediately my confidence level jumped from 50% to 95%.

Day 2
Now I was confident it wouldn’t harm my daughter, so I washed the affected area again and applied the
ointment three times that day. Morning, noon and evening.

After 5 days, I noticed desirable results and my confidence level shot up to 100%. Two weeks later, I was confident my girl will grow up to become the most handsome man on the planet.

I just pray he will attract the good girls. Three weeks later I was trying it on myself. For the first time in 20 years, I could see my lost beauty. Am sure within no time I will be the Cinderella I once was 20 years ago.

What Makes Harmony N Glow This Effective?

The secret to this product is a combination of essential ingredients such as;

Aloe Vera- Contains both anti-inflammatory properties and wound healing properties

Purple Grass- Acts as a mild sedative and painkiller

Honeysuckle- Relieves skin rashes and blemishes

Mint Essence- Alleviates conditions such as allergic rashes and itchiness

Bitter Ginseng- Promotes the growth of wound healing cells and reduces inflammation

Wild Chrysanthemum- Treats minor rashes and also acts as a coolant

Fructis Cnidii- used to treat Eczema

Harmony N Glow is what you should be using. If the product had existed 20 years ago. I wouldn’t have gone through hell.